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Welcome to Sex, Drugs, and Biotech by me, Alex Pearlman.

I'm a science and tech reporter and a bioethicist.

This is my newsletter, which will cover issues around assisted reproduction, the pharmaceutical industrial complex, emerging biotechnologies, and everything in between! My work sits that weird place where science policy, human rights bioethics, and biohacking collide, and that’s what you’ll mostly hear about from me.

Over the past decade, I’ve been in newsrooms, classrooms, and boardrooms watching the biotech revolution grow. I have written for outlets like Stat, MIT Technology Review, New Scientist, the Boston Globe, Vice, and Neo.Life, and I graduated from King’s College London with a Masters in Bioethics. My academic research has been featured on Vox, in the Showtime documentary, “Citizen Bio,” and elsewhere. I’m a research affiliate at the MIT Media Lab Community Biotech Initiative and a researcher in the Dept. of Medical Ethics and Health Policy at UPenn.

I’ve seen the good things biotech can do to fix the world, the terrible things that will happen if emerging technologies are left to rapidly evolve unchecked. I have been a longtime advocate for the movements for ethical reporting, freedom of information, and open science, and I think that by breaking down walls and promoting interdisciplinary collaboration, we can find innovative solutions.

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